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Aequitas is an asset consultant and portfolio manager. We partner with advisers, dealer groups, family offices and institutions to deliver reliable, cost-effective portfolio solutions. We provide separately managed accounts, model portfolios and bespoke investment research across managed funds, ETFs and direct equities.

We’ve managed dealer groups and have worked with advisors for decades, so we understand the business models and the needs of advisors intimately. We work with you to improve the efficiency of advice businesses and the quality of investment portfolios.

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Contact our client service team for a discussion of your situation and business strategy. We will then perform a complimentary review of your investment portfolios and propose solutions to help you achieve your objectives.


Below are examples of ways Aequitas has helped businesses achieve their objectives. More detail on our service offering is available here.

Objective Requirement Solutions
Scale Increase staff productivity, and improve client portfolio management Use Aequitas SMAs to manage the investment portfolios of clients with standard investment needs
Grow Demonstrate value to clients and prospects, improve client satisfaction and win business Use the Aequitas investment team to enhance investment capability and support advisers in client meetings, seminars and webinars
Service Increase client engagement, education and provide differentiated service levels Use Aequitas’ proprietary analysis of client portfolios, market insights, and bespoke research
Capability Take control of your own managed accounts in a risk controlled setting Use the Aequitas investment committee service to evidence portfolio research, analysis and governance

Managed accounts

Most of our clients are implementing managed accounts as a key part of their business strategy. Disciplined portfolio management generally adds more value for investors than investment selection, and managed accounts can save advisers 1.5 days per week while reducing business risk and improving returns for investors.

Aequitas' portfolios are available as separately managed accounts on leading platforms, or we can assist your business in developing managed accounts that are customised to your requirements.

Portfolio implementation large 2

Self directed investors underperform professional portfolios by 3% pa on average

Poor timing subtracts around 1.6% in single asset classes or 0.8% in multi-asset funds

Slow or partial implementation of dynamic portfolios costs 0.8% pa

Only managed accounts can achieve returns in line with the underlying investment strategy in an investment advice setting

Characteristic Managed account Manual portfolio
Adviser time Saves 1.5 days per week Constant investment reviews
Consistency 90% alignment with model Typically only 50% aligned with model
Responsiveness Can respond to market events within hours Typically rebalanced quarterly at best
Risk Remains within target ranges Portfolio drifts between reviews

Our team and approach

Below is a short introductory video introducing our Chief Investment Officers and explaining our investment approach.

Full biographies and more details on the team are available on the team page.

Investment process

Our investment process combines top down, quantitative and bottom up research to develop robust portfolios, and has a strong history of delivering superior returns while managing risk.

The three step portfolio construction process we have developed facilitates customisation of portfolios to meet the needs of different groups, while retaining a consistent positioning. This makes it easier for advisers to manage portfolios and communicate with their clients than an approach where every client is positioned differently compared to their strategic baseline.

Visit the approach section of our portfolios page for more details on our investment approach.

Investment process large

Our investment research process includes top down macroeconomic assessment, quantitative estimation of factor and risk premia and bottom up analysis of idiosyncratic characteristics of asset classes, regions, sectors, securities and funds.

Much of our investment research process is automated in in-house systems using data from leading providers. This enables us keep our large suite of models up to date as markets move. Our clients have full access to the output of these models if desired, and we conduct regular investment committee meetings with clients where we present our latest thinking and discuss investment issues with them.

Strategic asset allocation is the foundation of our investment approach, but we vary these allocations dynamically at the asset class, sub asset class, sector and regional level to reduce exposure to risks and seek out opportunities as they arise. We actively select investments to provide our portfolios with the exposures we desire, rather than relying on historical performance or research ratings.

We track the performance of each of our model portfolios and provide commentary on portfolios and changes to portfolios. This includes detailed text suitable for inclusion in advice documents and shorter general commentary that can be used keep investors up to date. We also publish a video update on the portfolios each month. 

Latest insights

We publish regular updates on markets and investment topics. Below is a sample of our most recent insights.

Visit our news page to see more and to sign up for daily or weekly summaries of our research.


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