Portfolio files Aequitas SMAs

Portfolio files Aequitas SMAs

These are the portfolio files for the current Aequitas portfolios.

AIP Portfolios.xlsx contains the full details for the portfolios, and the SOA text file contains the positioning text for the portfolio as a whole and text for each investment.

There are multiple Xplan upload files. You should only need one of these.

  • One file (Xplan_upload_all) contains models for all platforms.
  • The others contain models only for FirstWrap (Xplan_upload_FirstWrap) or Macquarie Wrap (Xplan_upload_Macquarie). We produce these as Xplan can reject the entire file if it contains a cash account code for a platform that it does not have a data feed for.
  • There is one additional file (Xplan_upload_Macquarie_no_cat) which contains the Macquarie models but does not have an Xplan category set for them (i.e. the folder the models are stored under), which facilitates the use of the models in WealthSolver.

Risk and return estimates contains the details of our strategic asset allocations and our risk and return calculations.

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AIP Portfolios.xlsx
Portfolio changes commentary.xlsx
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Risk and return estimates.xlsx
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