This section contains files for Aequitas clients. The files are stored as packages of related files. Click the download button to get the whole package as a zip archive. Alternatively, click on the title of each package to select the individual files from each package.

Portfolio files

The portfolio files include the details of the Aequitas portfolios (in Excel format), Xplan model portfolio uploads (in CSV format), our risk and return assumptions (in PDF), and model portfolio commentary.


Aequitas SMA portfolio communications 500.97 KB

Templates for advisers to use with clients invested in the Aequitas SMA portfolios. ...

Investment Strategy Aequitas portfolios 2.92 MB

Summary of evidence for current Investment Strategy across Aequitas portfolios ...

Portfolio files 554.78 KB

These are the portfolio files for the current Aequitas portfolios. AIP Portfolios.xlsx...


    This section contains our regular reports. We produce reports for our portfolios monthly and produce separate reports for each model portfolio and separately managed account variant.


    Aequitas reports April 2024 3.91 MB

    These are the reports for the Aequitas portfolios. The "MW SMA" reports include fees...

    Aequitas reports March 2024 2.66 MB

    These are the reports for the Aequitas portfolios for the period ending March 2024. ...

    Aequitas reports February 2024 1.58 MB

    These are the reports for the Aequitas portfolios for the month ending February 2024. ...

    Portfolio reports January 2024 11.41 MB

    These are the Aequitas portfolio reports for January 2024. ...

    Portfolio reports December 2023 11.41 MB

    These are the portfolio reports for December 2023. ...

    Portfolio Reports November 2023 9.47 MB

    These are the portfolio reports for the Aequitas portfolio for November 2023. ...

    Portfolio Reports October 2023 9.19 MB

    Performance reports across all Aequitas managed Core-Satellite portfolios. ...

    Portfolio Reports September 2023 10.96 MB

    Aequitas portfolio reports and flyers to end September 2023 ...

    Portfolio reports August 2023 9.03 MB

    These are the portfolio reports for August 2023. ...

    Portfolio reports July 2023 9.02 MB

    These are the reports for the Aequitas portfolios for July 2023. ...

    Other files

    This section contains our other files, including policy statements and "how to" guides.


    Australian equities process 1.88 MB

    Core Equity Portfolio process summary ...

    Dynamic asset allocation process 2.00 MB

    Dynamic and strategic asset allocation process summary ...

    Target market determinations 456.03 KB

    Our separately managed accounts are issued and distributed by the platform providers...

    Investment philosophy and process 437.17 KB

    This document details our investment philosophy and process. ...

    Risk and return objectives 139.52 KB

    This paper describes our portfolio risk and return objectives and outlines how they...

    ESG investing policy 140.18 KB

    Aequitas uses an integration approach to environmental, sustainability and governance...

    Foundations and endowments 419.19 KB

    This is a short paper on investment strategy issues that apply to foundations and...

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