Our services

Our range of services and solutions enable you to scale your current business, strengthen your investment capability and to grow your business.

Investment services

We provide a full suite of investment services designed for the needs of financial advice practices.

Asset consultancy

We examine client portfolios and provide guidance on how to improve alignment with the portfolio’s stated objectives.

We detail how the changes leave the investor in a better financial position.

Portfolio management

We provide diversified investment portfolios incorporating asset allocation, direct equities, ETF's and managed funds.

All portfolio can be tailored to client or dealer groups needs.

Managed accounts

Portfolios are available through managed account platforms for efficiency of implementation, tracking and compliance.

Portfolio analytics

We provide full transparency and access to all research inputs and documentation used to build, construct, manage and evaluate portfolios.

Operational support

In addition to portfolios and analysis we support your business in delivering investment advice to your clients.

Client meetings

We are available to meet with your clients to help explain our investment philosophy and process.

We can attend one on one meetings either in person or via video conference, and can also present at lunches, dinners or seminars if you prefer.

Advice system setup

We assist you in setting up risk profiles, asset class risk and return assumptions and correlations in Xplan or other systems.

Some of our clients prefer us to do the setup for them due to the complexity of the systems, others prefer to do it themselves using our inputs.

Models and SoA text

We provide you with standard text on our investment portfolios, positioning and portfolio changes that you can use in your SoAs or RoAs.

We also provide model portfolio files for advice systems, customised for each investment platform where required.

Portfolio review

We can review individual client portfolios, providing you with a view on the portfolio as a whole and each investment.

Our proprietary analytical tools allow us to review any investment, not just those covered by major research houses.

Engagement approach

We work with you to ensure that our investment expertise is adding the most value to your business and your clients.

Identify needs

We analyse your current model portfolio to determine opportunities to improve performance and risk control.

We take you through a deep dive into your portfolio and ours.

We discuss your objectives.

Develop solutions

We outline a suite of services to meet the needs of your business.

We prepare portfolios, supporting collateral and governance documentation.

We work through the approval processes of your business.


We meet with your team so they understand the investment approach, the tools and resources available, and how to apply them to meet the needs of their clients.

Ongoing service

Adviser support is delivered through continuing:

  • Portfolio updates, market insights and research
  • Client portfolio analysis and best interest duty recommendations
  • Investment committee representation and governance
  • Client meetings and events

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