Dr Rowan Stewart

Joint Chief Investment Officer

Rowan is a Joint Chief Investment Officer of Aequitas Investment Partners – a professional asset consultant and portfolio manager.

Rowan originally trained as an engineer specialising in computer simulations of physical and chemical processes. After completing a PhD at the University of Cambridge, UK, Rowan returned to Australia and joined Platinum Asset Management as a quantitative analyst before moving to Alliance Bernstein where he was responsible for quantitative research for their Australia Value Fund.

At Commonwealth Private, as the head of the investment research team, Rowan was responsible for investment research across all asset classes and investment types and the management of a range of multi-asset and direct equity portfolios.

Rowan has also worked as Director of Quantitative Financial Solutions at Deloitte.

From 2020 at Aequitas, Rowan is responsible for macro-economic analysis and dynamic asset allocation processes across a range of reliable multi-asset and direct equity portfolios with Co-Chief Investment Officer David Berthon-Jones.